Rosabon Quick Loan – Quick access to cash

Rosabon Quick Loan is an innovative loan style, made for anyone who wants access to loans quickly and without much paperwork. This loan can be made for a variety of reasons, such as emergencies or not.

It is possible to borrow up to 1.5 million within 24 hours with no guarantee or guarantor and payment must be made within a maximum of 6 months (if you wish to withdraw before it is possible too).

If you want a fast, safe and practical loan, this one is for you!



The fees for the Rosabon Finances Services Quick Loan are not specified on the website, but there is a calculator so the person can do some simulations to have a better idea of ​​how much will be the amounts to be paid according to how much will be borrowed.

Let’s see an example: In case you want to borrow N 1,000,000.00, you will pay monthly the value of N 168,616.50, for 6 months.


The application

The application can be done online or through one of the phones and email. If you also prefer, you may visit one of the bank’s branches, which are in Lagos, Abuja, Warri or Port Warcourt.

For the application on the site, you will need some information, but the process is practical and, if the information is accepted, the loan will be available in a maximum of 24h! Incredible!


What documents and requirements are needed?

To request for a Rosabon Quick Loan, some documents and applications are required.  • Being in paid employment

  • Be between 21 and 58 years old
  • You have a checking account
  • Have a pension account or tax identification number
  • Have a valid proof of identification



The Rosabon finances service is a very recognized company and for this reason, the Quick Loan that they offer is safe and practical. Next, let’s take a look at what are the advantages of this specific type of loan.

  • It is safe
  • It’s practical
  • It’s transparent
  • Quick access to cash, in a maximum of 24 hours
  • No guarantor required or guarantees
  • Easy Application
  • Flexible payment structure of up to 6 months


Rosabon Finances Services – Some details about it

Rosabon Finances Services is an award-winning company and is part of the concept group. It is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and has 23 years of experience in financial management, whether as loans or investments.

It has, first of all, the objective of making the customer 100% satisfied with the service. Its main values ​​are: excellence, integrity and professionalism.

It is a company that has won several awards and is highly recommended in Nigeria. Some awards were: Quality award of African financial services for best practices in equipment leasing, management of corporate ventures and treasury 2014, best financial consultancy for SMEs Nigeria, and others.


Useful Information


Telephone: +2348150880038, +2348150880039, +2348150991085, +2348150991086, +234150880082

E-mail:  [email protected]

  1. HARUNA ADAMU. says

    I am interested.


    I need the loan to help my work

  3. Hassan Adamu says

    I like this loan be cause I’m human being
    Thank you

  4. Opeyemi Adebanjo says

    need loan to boost my business and I have a registered company with CAC certificate

  5. IMO Patrick says

    I need this loan to start barbing salon…500.000 is OK for me for the start


    i need the loan please


      I need one million five hundred naira to purchase a car for Uber services.

  7. Sunny Nwangwu says

    I need up to N1,500,000 to boost my guest house business but it should have been a long term repayment for 3years is 36 months so that there won’t be default in repayment.

  8. Joseph Effiong says

    pls,i need this loan to enlarge my business,kindly help i wont fail to comply.

  9. Doove Tertese Jennifer says

    Please I need a loan of 1,000,000 to start up a tailoring business. But is there a way you can make it at least a longer term for at least 1 year or 2 just so there can be no defaults in payments. Your response will be very much appreciated. Thanks

  10. Adeyanju Emmanuel Tayo says

    I will be joyous if my request is granted with immediate effect. I only need the capital to boost my business. I’m into the business already. Thanks

  11. Balogun Adekunle Raphael says


  12. Mathew Patrick Aiya says

    Plz sir I need a loan of five hundred thousand naira


    I need a loan of 1.5 million to start farming business

  14. Oladipo says

    I desire a loan of 200k urgently

  15. Ibe Esther says

    I need a loan of 2 million to get a car for Uber services, I am a widow with kids, I’ll be delighted if my request is granted. Thanks

  16. Adebola oloyede says

    Goodafternoon, please I need a Loan of 200k for an accommodation.

  17. Nasiru says

    Please I need a loan of one million naira to take care of some important issues.

  18. Charity Charles says

    I need a loan of 500k,how possible it is for me to get it?

    1. Folake kanyinsola lbrahim says

      Please I need a monthly loan for my business 100,000 is ok for me to start thanks.

  19. oluwakemi subair jebutu says

    Your Comment:
    firstly I would like to ask if this loan is meant for those of us who don’t ve anytin related to tax paying nd who is also not a salary earners.
    1:Am a fashion designer not a salary earner
    2:is it possible for me to secure the loan without payment of tax, so if it is possible for me to secure the loan, ca I be granted the loan of 200k if possible

  20. Wahab Lukman Ajibola says

    I really need loan to boast my business,am producing coated peanuts,plantain chips,moringa tea and roasted groundnuts

  21. Abubakar yahaya says

    I have interested i need this to open A computer senter I need 1million to start pultery bsiness thank you

  22. stephen dimkpa says

    Your Comment i need a loan of 400,000 to boost my tailoring business

  23. Temitope says

    Need ur reply pls it’s urgent. I need a loan of #500,000 to start up my attachment and cosmetic business. Will appreciate if u can grant my request

  24. Oshinlolu Yetunde says

    I need 100000 loan please to grow my business

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