SpectaPrime Loans

If you are looking for a loan that is super fast and secure the SpectaPrime Loans is for you! In it, you will be able to borrow up to N 5,000,000.

The application can be done online or over the phone. The differential of the SpectaPrime Loans is that you will receive the answer if your application was accepted or not in a maximum of 5 minutes. It’s incredible!

Payments are monthly and interest rates are calculated according to fluctuations and market conditions.

The reasons for this loan can be the most diverse, such as: medical expenses, expenses with weddings or family events, trips abroad, education finance and others.

Let´s learn more about SpectaPrime Loans!


Rates – Specta Personal Loan

Specta Personal Loan rates are not available on the site because they are calculated according to fluctuation and market conditions. But do not worry, before applying for the loan, you can choose to see a step-by-step demonstration of all the features of Specta Personal Loan! On this way, you will become familiar with the tools.


The application – Specta Personal Loan

The application for the Specta Personal Loan is very simple and fast. Just log in to the site, click on “launch application” and complete the eligibility form. You will receive a response within 5 minutes! It’s incredible, is not it?

Do not forget that whenever you apply for any loan you need to read the information about it very carefully, okay? With the Specta Personal Loan you can change your life and fulfill the dreams you always had!


What documents and requirements are needed? – Specta Personal Loan

For the application of Specta Personal Loan some requirements and documents are needed. They are very simple as well as the whole process of applying and receiving money. See below for the requirements and documentation for Specta Personal Loan!

– You are an employee

– Have a current account with Sterling Bank (except bankers)

– Have a Bank Verification Number (BVN)


Advantages – Specta Personal Loan

The advantages of Specta Personal Loan can be quite interesting if you are looking for a personal loan. Let’s take a closer look at more details about Specta Personal Loan!– Helps you have saving money for possible emergencies

– It is a safe and recognized bank

– Highly competitive rates

Protects you against rising interest rates

– Fixed Rate Payment

– Easy and fast Application.

– Just some documentation and requirements


Specta – Some details about it

Specta is an online lending platform of Sterling Bank Plc. The goal of the company is to create a simple and personalized experience for customers. This is considered an innovative platform! Loans are available within a maximum of 5 minutes, without paperwork or documentation.


Useful Information – Specta Personal Loan

Website: https://www.myspecta.com/

Telephone: 08170852820  | 08170852815


    am interested in ur loan

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    Your comment. Please I need three hundred thousand(300,000:00) to start up my own business.

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    Pls am interested in the loan for my school fee i will return it within six months. I need 100 thousand

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    I need 50, 000 to countions my business

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    Good morning l need a loan 300000

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    hello I need a load of 72,000 naira to pay my rent.

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